UFC 210 Fight Card

UFC 210 Fight Card Live stream. Cormier vs. Johnson 2 Fight Card, TV Info, Predictions and More UFC 210 TV Info, Fight Card and Predictions.

UFC 210 Fight Card

Friday’s weigh-ins for UFC 210 will go down as the most bizarre, exciting and controversial in UFC history for a number of reasons. For one, both Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier, the two light heavyweights in the main event on Saturday night, didn’t show up until four minutes before the cutoff time.

Johnson, who has had a tumultuous history cutting weight, came in 1.2 pounds under the 205-pound limit. Now, remember the number 1.2. Because that’s exactly the amount of weight Cormier magically cut in the space of two minutes after weighing in at 206.2 the first time he hit the scales

The fight is back on, though, according to MMA Fighting’s Marc Raimondi, after the commission overturned its decision to remove Gonzalez from the card shortly after. It was a bizarre day for a lot of fighters, but let’s just be thankful the fights have stayed intact. Now that Gonzalez will be making her UFC debut, it’s unfortunate she has to go up against one the rising prospects in the sport.

Cynthia Calvillo is a wrecking machine. Training out of San Jose, California, with Team Alpha Male, you already know that she’s as tough as they come. And if you watched her first fight for the promotion back at the beginning of March, against Amanda Bobby Cooper at UFC 209, you wouldn’t mess with her.

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